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Unlocking the Off-Season Funding Magic: El Segundo Little League's Creative Approach

El Segundo Little League (ESLL) is no stranger to creative fundraising endeavors, and their latest initiative, Snack Bar Bucks (SBB), is proof of their commitment to innovative solutions.

The Snack Bar Bucks program was introduced just last season, making this holiday season the second time ESLL offers these unique fundraising opportunities. To learn more about this initiative and its impact, we spoke with Jennifer Tyler, ESLL's secretary, who provided invaluable insights into the program's growth and popularity.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Snack Bar Bucks initiative is how it influences the snack bar's performance during the baseball season. Like most Little League Snack Bars, ESLL's snack bar is a hub of activity during the spring baseball season, with games typically held between 5-9 PM on weeknights and weekends – right during dinner time! This timing works out as a win-win for parents who can enjoy watching their kids play while indulging in a relatively inexpensive meal, all while contributing to the league's finances.

The Snack Bar Bucks program enhances this dynamic. Children take ownership of their "bucks," which often leads parents to allow them to spend the bucks on their favorite treats like candy and ice cream. In addition to these sweet indulgences, parents usually use cash to purchase more traditional mealtime food such as hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, and drinks. This dual spending pattern suggests that the Snack Bar Bucks program doesn't cannibalize sales during the season but rather complements them, creating an additional revenue stream for the snack bar.

Snack Bar Bucks are strategically sold only a couple of times a year as an advance purchase. Last year, they made their debut during the winter holidays, targeting baseball fans spending quality time at the local baseball field during the off-season. Given the program's success, ESLL community members began requesting its re-release during the spring season, they did a second sale just before the Easter holiday.

In addition to Snack Bar Bucks, ESLL offers "punch cards" during the season for $20. These punch cards are kept on file in the snack bar and offer a convenient way for parents to ensure their children have access to snacks during games and practices. It's all about enhancing the experience for everyone involved.

Maintaining the authenticity of Snack Bar Bucks is paramount for ESLL. To prevent counterfeiting, each Snack Bar Buck is stamped with the official ESLL seal. This approach guarantees that every Snack Bar Buck is genuine and contributes to the league's fundraising efforts.

Last year, ESLL sold approximately 400 "$5 Bucks," and this year's numbers are on track to surpass that figure. ESLL believes that the revenue generated from Snack Bar Bucks represents additional net income for the league, bolstering their financial stability.

El Segundo Little League's Snack Bar Bucks initiative has proven to be a resounding success story. With its strategic availability, the program complements the snack bar's performance during the baseball season and beyond. By prioritizing authenticity and convenience, ESLL ensures that their fundraising efforts contribute significantly to their mission of supporting young athletes in their community. As the Snack Bar Bucks program continues to grow, it remains a testament to the power of creativity and community engagement in youth sports fundraising.

For more information on El Segundo Little League, visit their website, Facebook Page, or Instagram.

*Photo used with permission of ESLL.


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