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Designed by a volunteer, Sponsor Jawn aims to provide one place to find and sponsor local non-profits in the community, scroll down to learn the benefits of supporting your community and how SPONSOR JAWN makes it happen. 

Why Sponsor Local?


of consumers want companies to make a positive impact on society


of consumers look more favorable on companies that offer sponsorships to their communities

Increased Visibility

Make your brand more visible to those active in the community. Supporting local organizations places your brand in front of your customers.

Invest In Your Community

Supporting non-profits in your community keeps your money in your community, unlike national organizations, the money raised by local groups gets invested back into the community you serve.

Captive Audiences

Most non-profits offer the opportunity to be in front of repetitive and captive audiences which gives you more imprints and a better return on investment compared to other advertising. 


Non-profits offer affordable ways to advertise your business when compared to other mediums.  

Grass Roots

Local non-profits are as grassroots as it gets, sponsoring them to help build their organization right where you do business will only benefit your company in the long term.  

Targeted Market

Perfect for home service businesses, Realtors, or any business who wants to limit time and travel outside of a targeted area. Non-profits offer affordable ways to saturate a given geographical area. Helping to lower your costs as you find more work in your targeted area.

Additional Bonuses

Most programs offer additional bonuses to sponsors which can include social media exposure, the ability to meet the families, or even access to their distribution list to send custom emails. 

Leverage Our Technology, Stay On  Budget, Get Results

No Costs

There is no cost to be a part of the Sponsor Jawn Community. We believe in providing this technology to make it easier to connect to your community.

Quality Organizations

We work with the highest quality groups in your community and ensure they are ready to work to support you as a sponsor.

No Pressure

There is never pressure to support any of our groups.  We simply alert you to the possibilities.  You can ignore or respond to any message we send you allowing you to focus on your business at hand.  We know the community is very generous and you will jump in when something matches your needs. 

Ease of Use

Not only do you get consistent information from all organizations making it easy to compare requests, you can support multiple organizations in 1 shopping cart making it easy to plan your budget and act quickly. 

Used by Companies Big and Small

Join Our Community Today

The first step in getting started is to create a free account, even if you are not ready to begin onboarding we encourage you to join our community to access the free platform. No obligation, no pressure, just help.

Thank you for being an awesome volunteer! Now, let's verify your email address.

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