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Designed by a volunteer, Sponsor Jawn aims to be an end-to-end solution for your sponsorship program. We decrease the time it takes to run a successful program while providing a professional solution.  Freeing up your time allows you to get back to the passion of why you serve your community.

Complete Solutions For Your Challenges

SPONSOR JAWN was designed as an end-to-end solution for non-profits that sell sponsorships to fund their programs.  A place for all organizations we offer help at every step of the way.

Program Design

Just starting or a well established program, our platform supports you in your program design.

Process Automation

Reduce your workload after you sell a sponsorship by letting us automate the process for you.

Tips and Tricks

We often share tips and tricks that we see from around the country to make your job easier

Sponsor Search

Use our existing list of potential sponsors to connect to your local business community.

Program Support

We are always here and offer first level support for any questions that may arise from potential sponsors.

Social Media Tips

Our platform monitors your sponsors on social media, alerting you to potential positive ways to interact and support them.

Online Store

Customize your store and sell sponsorships online, no more paper forms or tracking orders manually.

Invoicing and Renewals

Custom invoices, payment tracking and auto-renewals are all handled in our program.


Our platform can be handed down from generation to generation ensuring continuity for your organization when faces change

A place for your organization

Click on any of the organizations below to see how they are using Sponsor Jawn to change their community.

Join Our Community Today

The first step in getting started is to create a free account, even if you are not ready to begin onboarding we encourage you to join our community to access the free platform. No obligation, no pressure, just help.

Thank you for being an awesome volunteer! Now, let's verify your email address.

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