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SPONSOR JAWN was created by Benjamin Gibbons (BJ) in 2023 after years of volunteering and running a successful sponsorship program for his local Little League in Montgomery County, PA.


SPONSOR JAWN combines over 20 years of corporate experience, hundreds of volunteer hours, board member leadership, and an unrelenting desire to build a great program for community groups of any size.   With technology that levels the playing field for community groups and businesses alike, SPONSOR JAWN is poised to be “the” platform everyone who has a sponsorship program uses.  SPONSOR JAWN does the heavy lifting and allows your volunteers to spend more time on what matters for your organization.


Ben Gibbons has over 20 years of corporate experience with 2 large global companies.  Throughout his career Ben has always led the way to efficiency, helping to redefine or build programs that were efficient and practical.  From corporate auditing to risk management; from safety to global purchasing - improving processes has been a lifelong focus for Ben.  A father of 3 kids, all of whom are involved in community sports programs, Ben saw firsthand the impact of community partnership and fundraising on local groups.  When his oldest son was 8 and beginning his Little League career Ben offered to help with sponsorship.  The first year Ben was involved in fundraising, the program was raising $11K.  After the first full year of involvement, Ben was able to raise $32K and in 2022 he raised $45K for just 1 league. Ben was determined to find a way to help more programs raise money - easier.  SPONSOR JAWN is built on three pillars, make it simple to sponsor, make it easy to understand who you are and what you want from the sponsors, and most importantly – make it rewarding for the businesses to be involved. Join the network today, and take your program to the next level.

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