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Come take the field with Spring-Ford Youth Athletic League as a Premium Scoreboard Sponsor on one of our 4 fields.  This custom 2'h X 10'w metal sign is permanently installed on the scoreboard and proudly displayed year-round.  Discounts are offered for multiple-year commitments. 



1-year sponsorship - $1,500

2-year sponsorship - $1,400/year (paid annually)

3-year sponsorship - $1,300/year - (paid annually)

5-year sponsorship - $6,000 ($1,200/year) must be paid in full.

Field Locations and information:

Spring City Complex (main location)

190 S. Wall Street

Spring City, PA


Field 1: Field 1 belongs to the local school district and due to their policy we are unable to place any sponsorships on that field. We welcome you to join us on any of our other 4 fields.


Field 2 - Field 2 is our showcase field visible from anywhere in the complex. Our snack stand looks out onto this field and our main bullpen lies outside on the third base line. This baseball field can be used as either 46/60 for 8-10 year-olds or 50/70 for 11-12-year-olds. 


Field 3 - Field 3 is our biggest field sitting next to our snack stand. There are 2 batting cages sitting right next to field 3 and a new shared bullpen on the third base line. Field 3 is only a baseball field and can be used either as  46/60 for 8-10-year-olds or 50/70 for 11-12-year-olds. 


Field 4 - Field 4 is a dual-use field - either for baseball or softball. When being used for baseball it is for our younger ages 8-10 as a 46/60 field. There is a new shared bullpen on the 1st base side. 


Victory Park

404 S. 3rd Street

Royersford, PA


Victory Park Field: This field is where our league started. It has since been dedicated to Ron Nettles, a founding member who was known to attend and score every game he could. Formerly home to all our baseball teams it is now our main softball complex. Located in the heart of downtown Royersford it is sandwiched between 3rd Ave and Victory Park. There is a dedicated batting cage with a Snackstand overlooking home plate.


All Sponsors Receive:

  • 1 Social Media Shout out on all of our social media channels
  • A linked logo on our website
  • Any sponsor who donates at least $1,000 will be allowed to send 1 custom email to our distribution list. The organization will approve the wording before sending the email.

Premium Scoreboard Sponsor - SFYAL

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