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Be there from the beginning at East Plymouth Valley Park with this Quickball (T-ball) banner! Located behind home plate of our Quickball field it is where our youngest kids start their Little League careers. 


There are only 2 banners on this entire field, and they are in the majority of the pictures snapped by proud parents as they watch their kids for the first time.  These spots always sell out, and returning sponsors get first right of refusal to their spots. 


Product Details:

  • Dimensions are 42"h X 72"w 
  • Printed on a durable Coroplast material
  • Life expectancy is ~3 years
  • The price includes design, print, and delivery to the complex
  • Sponsorship season is April 1 - November 20, covering baseball and football season as well as other events at the park including Township Day which is an annual event.


Learn more about Plymouth Little League here.

Premium Quickball (T-ball) Banner - PLL

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