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Sponsor Solicitation

Sponsors are very busy and if you do not approach them in the right way or at the right time, you risk having your "ask" sent to the junk folder or your voicemail deleted and ignored. Building these relationships is what we specialize in.  With over 150 sponsors in our network and growing each day, we have access to the business community to make the ask on your behalf.  The business community has trust in the fact that we work with only the best community groups. Read below to see how we can help your organization grow its sponsorship program.

We can customize an approach that matches the manpower you have in your volunteer base.  Maybe you have existing sponsors or ones that you feel comfortable asking and managing.  Maybe you have no sponsorship program and we need to start from scratch. Maybe your organization is in the middle of these two scenarios.  Let's talk to see how we can help your organization reach its full potential.  

We use a combination of methods to approach sponsors and invite them to support your organization including our email list of open opportunities which are reviewed by our network. 

We are relentless in the pursuit of new sponsors, but that does not mean we are rude or pushy.  We research every business in the defined area, we attempt to network and introduce your organization, we engage these companies on multiple fronts, we identify who is the decision maker in the organization and we make the "ask".  We do not only ask the usual suspects and that is what makes us successful.  Let's talk about how our networking skills can benefit your organization.

What Others Are Saying About Us

Sinnott Flooring Logo

Hugh  - Owner - Sinnott Flooring

"As a business owner without a physical location, I need to have my logo out in front of the community I want to work in .  SPONSOR JAWN makes the process simple and easy.  These sponsorships are affordable and make a difference in the community. This is useful for so many home service companies!" 
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