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Welcome to SPONSOR JAWN, the free network aimed at helping businesses easily sponsor community-based groups.  We aim to make it quick and easy to find even the smallest sponsorship opportunity in your community.  We work with local not-for-profit groups who are looking to raise money by selling sponsorships to businesses like yours. 

Whether you are looking for a one-off opportunity, or to place your entire yearly budget in a local community, we harmonize the opportunities so you can make a quick and easy decision on what groups you wish to support.  Simply review our opportunities, let us know what you decide and we take care of the rest. Read below how you can leverage us to help you support the community!


The Groups We Work With

SPONSOR JAWN works with any local not-for-profit community group. We welcome all groups aimed at raising money through sponsorships to improve their community.  The money raised by these groups directly benefits the local community.  Some of the groups we work with include:

  • Recreation sports leagues (Little League, Soccer, Lacross, field hockey, CYO leagues, etc)

  • Parent-Teacher Organizations / Home-School Associations (PTO/ HASA)

  • Theater groups - middle school and high school productions

  • Scholarship organizations

  • Special projects - inclusive playgrounds, defined capital improvements

  • Special causes - Cancer support, local awareness campaigns

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Types of Sponsorships

SPONSOR JAWN finds and recommends creative ways to place sponsorships amongst our groups and we always welcome suggestions from our Sponsors.  If you do not find what you are looking for in our listed opportunities please let us know and we can suggest a great local group to work with. Common types of sponsorships include but are not limited to:

  • Team sponsors (all sports)

  • Banner sponsors for baseball/softball fields

  • Logo placement in programs/brochures (craft shows, school theatre productions)

  • Title sponsors for special events

  • Golf outing hole sponsorships

  • Electronic sponsorships on digital displays


We Make it Easy

We know Business Owners and Marketing Managers are busy and sponsoring local community groups needs to be quick and easy.  You can leverage our services at no charge.  We are happy to help with the following tasks on your behalf. 

Vetting New Requests - When a group approaches you for a sponsorship or donation, send them our way and we will work with the group to vet out what they are asking for.  We will come back with a full assessment of their ask. By getting them to us you are helping raise their voice to our entire network of sponsors.  You can also take advantage of our free website add-on to collect the request on your behalf. 

Placing Sponsorships - If you decide to sponsor one of our groups, just let us know and we handle all the details on your behalf.

Renewing Sponsorships - Most sponsors tend to want to support the same groups year after year and we help make that happen.  We work with our groups to ensure the same sponsors have the opportunity to return the next year, regardless of what volunteer on their side is handling the topic.  If you change your mind, no problem, we can handle that as well. 


Joining our Network Has Benefits

Every business member of our network enjoys the following benefits:

  • No membership fee

  • Free access to our website add-on to help with your request from your site

  • No costs for our services

  • No minimum sponsorship level is required - you set your own budget

  • Your Logo is displayed on our homepage to note your membership

  • Recognition via social media of your sponsorships

  • Recognition of top sponsors

  • Networking opportunities

Join Now

Create a free account to access the full site and review opportunities available. 

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