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Get ready to hit a home run with the perfect blend of excitement and community spirit as a Silver Banner and Team Sponsor for Whitpain Recreation Association (WRA). Sponsor will receive 1 banner and 1 team sponsorship making this the perfect combo!  


🚩Key Features of Your Silver Banner & Team Sponsorship Combo:

Prominent Banner Placement: Your custom 3 x 5 banner takes center stage on the field, capturing the eyes of fans and players alike. Choose your spot on the field at either Wentz Run Park or PECO Field.


Visible Brand Presence: Your logo will be prominently displayed on the back of team jerseys or as an arm patch, showcasing your commitment to community and sportsmanship.


Digital Recognition: Extend your reach beyond the field! Enjoy shoutouts on our buzzing social media channels, connecting with a wide online audience of sports lovers, families, and local residents.


Exclusive Invitations: Dive deep into community spirit! Receive special invites to league events, giving you prime opportunities for on-site marketing, networking, and building connections with our enthusiastic participants and their families.


Customized Email Campaigns: For sponsorships exceeding $1500, enjoy the added perk of personalized email campaigns. Your brand becomes the star in the inboxes of our subscribers, forging a direct and impactful connection with potential customers.


Community Alignment: Align your brand with the values of community, sportsmanship, and healthy living. By sponsoring WRA, you show your commitment to fostering unity and well-being among our participants.


Support Adaptive Sports: Demonstrate dedication to inclusivity by sponsoring adaptive sports programs like Top Soccer and Top of the Key Basketball which give all kids in our community the chance to compete.


⚽🏀 Choose Your Winning Team! âš¾ðŸ¥Ž

Choose from baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer from K-12, we've got it all! Pick the perfect fit for your company's values and interests or let us pick for you.


📍Park locations:

Wentz Run Park: 1000 Anvil Ln, Blue Bell, PA 19422

PECO Field: North Wales Road @ Yost Road


Learn more about Whitpain Recreation Association here. 

Silver Banner Sponsor w/ Team Sponsorship

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