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So You Sponsored the Local Baseball and Softball Leagues, Now What?

So, over the winter, you decided to sponsor (or renew your sponsorship) for your local baseball and softball league to support your local nonprofit - good for you. But what do you do now? With Opening Day here in the Northeast, the youth baseball/softball season is underway, so I wanted to share some tips on how you can get the most out of your sponsorship.

Supporting any local organization is a great way to connect with your community. After all, if you want them to support you, then you need to support them, and that support can turn into lots of free advertising. Most business owners think that you hand over your sponsorship money and maybe your name goes on a jersey or a banner on the field, but that's not the only way to be a sponsor. Below, I'll share some tips for making your small donation your best marketing investment ever!

Celebrate milestones! Every organization you sponsor has important milestones, especially baseball/softball. Using these milestones is a great way for you to get more value from your sponsorship. Take note of these milestones and don't be afraid to ask. Let's start with Opening Day - a big event for any baseball/softball league. Be sure to celebrate it with a post cheering your league on, share a picture of the park, their logo, or even a generic baseball/softball pic from a free site. Celebrating the start of the spring season makes great content. Other important dates to note are the start of league playoffs, start of tournament play, start of fall ball, and the last weekend of games. All of these can be celebrated and shared with the wider community. Even a simple word of support and encouragement will bring attention to your business and your sponsorship.

Stop by the park. Organizations love it when sponsors stop by to see the park or catch a game. Snap a picture of the crowd or a general picture to capture the atmosphere at the park and share it on your pages. Mention that you had to stop by to see the action at the park, maybe try out the snack bar and post about your taste test - people love food, and any post about food gets attention. Did you sponsor a banner? Take a picture of it or in front of it. Be proud of that contribution to your community and the good it has done for the community at large.

Follow your organization online. The social media channels of the organization are a great source for content to promote the organization and your sponsorship. Share their posts and comment about it. Are registrations now open? You could say - "Registrations are now open for X League - Can't wait to sponsor another season." Did they do a renovation (most likely paid for by sponsorship money)? "So excited to see the finished product and sponsor another year at X League." Be creative and have fun. It takes just seconds to interact with any organization you sponsor online, and the content is often pure and valuable.

Take it to the next level. Depending on your budget, take the sponsorship to a whole new level. I once helped a local barber sponsor a local baseball team. The barber then had this great marketing idea that he could have 12 custom hoodies made for the entire team that matched their uniforms and had his logo on them. For less than he paid for the sponsorship, he had them produced and dropped them off at one of the games - the players were so excited, and now he has 12 additional kids advertising the business after the season is over as they wear his logo around town. Another local fashion jewelry store that sponsored a softball team showed up on Mother's Day weekend with a simple bracelet for all of the players on the team to give to the special women in their life. That was a success, as all of the moms shared how awesome the surprise was and shared it all over social media.

Come join us on social media or reach out if you need our help in connecting with your community, we can help your business find and connect to local organizations of all kinds. Local sponsorships are the easiest and usually the cheapest way to stretch your marketing dollars and make a difference in your community.

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