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Outsource Your Program

SPONSOR JAWN is a network for all organizations to post their sponsorship programs for free. We are also a place where Organizations that want to stabilize and outsource any or all parts of their program to ensure the future of their organization can find professional service to help. Whether you are facing a shortage of volunteers, overworked volunteers or volatility in revenue due to a change in volunteers - we offer professional service to ease your mind. We can help with any size or type of group, in any location. Based in the Philadelphia region on east coast time, we are able to support and guide you to creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for your sponsors. Our services are also flexible. You can use us to supplement the volunteer staff to do some of the work; we can also do most of the work; and we can also do all of the work. When you are between volunteers to run your program, use our service to fill the gap and maintain your revenue until another volunteer is assigned and trained. All of our services are customized with your team to ensure we can offer your organization the best experience. Below are just some of the items you can select to include in your package. You can also add anything not already on there, just reach out to us to discuss further.

Services we can help with

Sponsor Information Packet Review

Sponsor Information Packet Creation

Identification of Existing Sponsors

Solicitation of New Sponsors

Invoice Creation

Invoice and Payment Tracking

Print and Design Coordinaton

E-sponsorship Coordination

Donations for Sponsorship

Coordination of Sponsor Visits

Coordination of Sponsored Scholars/awards

Social Media Post Preparation

Social Media Post Execution

Website Acknowledgment Preparation

Sponsor Thank You Notes/Awards

Renewal Commitment

Off Season Adjustments

Monthly Reporting

Board Meeting Attendance

Physical Installation

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