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Welcome to SPONSOR JAWN an online marketplace and tool that allows organizations of any size to sell, manage, and maintain sponsorships from local businesses. By leveraging our technology you can automate the entire administrative part of the sponsorship process making it seamless and efficient for both parties. SPONSOR JAWN not only focuses on the online selling of sponsorships but we go on to tackle all of the administrative work that comes from selling sponsorships to raise funds.


We welcome you to explore some of the many benefits below and create a free account before you leave!

One network,  many benefits

Designed for all organizations

A storefront on a busy main street

Help with administrative tasks

Help with finding new sponsors

Not just for new sposnors

The right amount of help

Transparent fees

Create your no obligation account today

Our accounts are free and come with no obligation, but it does put you one step closer to using our platform to free up your time!

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Who is using SPONSOR JAWN

Take a look at what organizations are already live on the platform!

  • Is my business too small to be a sponsor?
    Nope, this is a great place to start if you are just growing your company. This network will give you access to even the smallest Organizations and lowest dollar amount placements. Test the water and buy a sponsorship, it is a great way to get your name out there and see what organizations you want to support. Businesses who support their community are rewarded with higher sales and more customer loyalty.
  • If I get a request to sponsor via my custom portal link, do I have to go through the network?
    We are as flexible as they come and no, you do not need to sponsor through the portal. When someone submits a request on your custom portal you will be provided with a complete overview of all of their information to review. You are free to sponsor how you choose. Of course, we hope you direct everyone to our network and we think that it is so easy to use you will do finding yourself doing so.
  • How do you determine what organizations I am alerted about?
    When you were nominated to the platform by a local volunteer we help create a profile based on your stated target market or physical locations. If you would like to hone in on certain communities to support we can adjust your profile. Simply send a quick email to to have your profile updated. Please include any and all neighborhoods or topics you want to be alerted about.
  • What does it costs to use this network?
    As a Sponsor this network is free to use. There are no minimum required amounts you have to spend to participate; there is no yearly fee to search and purchase sponsorships. The Organizations pay a small fee for our service when the fundraising window closes. If your budget allows and you would like to cover the 10% costs for the Organization we can arrange that, please note that in your request.
  • Who do I send my check to?
    When you commit to sponsor via THE SPONSOR SHOP you will receive a custom invoice from each organization on the invoice release date. You pay the organization directly via Check or other remittance instructions on the invoice.
  • I received an email about a local organization asking for sponsorship, now what?
    The next steps are up to you. You can ignore the email or if you decide to sponsor the organization simply browse their shop and see if any of their options meet your needs and budget. You can select and checkout online. All payments go to the organization and are sent after you receive your invoice. If you have any questions we are here to help, use the chat feature or reply to the email you received and connect with the organization.
  • Am I required to renew any sponsorships next year?
    No, there is never an obligation to renew any sponsorship next year. However, since we work with mostly volunteers at each Organization we make it easy of both parties by auto-renewing each sponsorship placed on this network. If you receive a renewal invoice and you want to cancel, simply reply to us and we will take care of it. Simply and easy, keep renewing the ones you like or want to support, cancel those that no longer meet your needs.
  • What happens when someone purchases a sponsorship "off-season"?
    One of the cool features of SPONSOR JAWN is your sponsorships are "for sale" year-round. When someone purchases a sponsorship "off-season" it sits in a que until you are ready to "open" your fundraising year. When you have your volunteer identified and they are ready to process orders we will release the que and send out invoices.
  • Do you only work with 501(c)(3) organizations?
    Nope, you have to have a mission to improve your community which you serve in a not for profit format. Not every group we work with is a 501(c)(3) designated group, but they are all not for profit. We clearly inform sponsors of this status and allow them to make a decision if they would be supportive of an organization.
  • Are you able to present at our Board Meeting?
    Yes, we would be happy to virtually attend an upcoming Board Meeting to tell your members about our service. We will take any questions your members may have and be able to tell them how we have helped other organizations. Simply reach out to us at to schedule a time to talk!
  • When you send an invoice, where does the money go?
    When we onboard your organization you tell us where to have all the money sent. When we issue an invoice on your behalf, it contains only the information you have instructed us to include and you are copied on every invoice sent. All money from the sponsor goes directly to your Organization. You can also choose to add any payment method you would like to include as long as you want to be responsible for any associated fees. We do not cash checks or hold any money on your behalf (for tax reasons)
  • Who can use this network?
    SPONSOR JAWN is for every community-based Organization! Here, it does not matter what size your organization is or if you play a certain sport or belong to a certain club. If you are improving your community for the better by selling sponsorships to businesses then you belong here. This platform is ideal for selling: team sponsorships, shirts, or clothing sponsors scoreboards programs (ad books, placemats, play programs, or other printed ads) title sponsors for an event golf outings (hole sponsors, cart sponsors) 5Ks trailer wraps sponsors social media shoutouts
  • Can you help us design our program?
    Yes, we love to provide customize assistance to any organization. We are only successful when you are successful and believe this platform can be a very powerful tool if used correctly. We spend the time it takes to walk through everything with your volunteer(s) to ensure the correct solution is created. You control the entire process and can rely on us to work as a partner to get the heavy lifting done so your organization can go live.
  • How are sponsors found?
    All hands on deck to find sponsors. We maintain a large database of sponsors and alert our network when a new organization onboards as well as provide general updates to all potential sponsors periodically (usually weekly). You can also share your custom link on your social media as well as with your members, a lot of sponsors come from within and just need to be reminded that the opportunity is present. We also join local facebook groups and attend other networking events on behalf of our organizations.
  • Do you work with school districts?
    Yes, we do! School Districts are a great example of empowering your groups with a tool to help groups large or small raise money. Contact us today at to learn how we have helped school districts empower their clubs to fund the next generation of fun!
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